Good projects can arise from singular solutions – better projects are part of an integral systems solution.

The flow-advice team is well connected with the industry, research institutions and politics. This is how we assist you with extending your possibilities and implementing your plans.

Due to our comprehensive network …

… we know what’s going on where and help you achieve your objectives more quickly
… we find the right technology, project and financing partner for you
… we know the funding landscape on European, German and state levels
… we talk directly and, more importantly, personally with the right contacts and identify possibilities
… we build on trust and have personal access to the right people

Our service portfolio focuses on:

  • Project assessment
  • Technological/scientific reports
  • Identification of the strategic need for action
  • Identification, analysis and assessment of risks
  • Initiation and setup of projects
  • Integration into large-scale projects
  • Identification of suitable funding and support programs
  • Support with the choice of cooperation partners and the form of cooperation
  • Assistance concerning compliance with funding regulations
  • Support throughout the entire application process
  • Project management
  • Planning, controlling, and coordination of project tasks
  • Project communication