• Profound experience concerning strategy development in leading positions in the industry
  • Sound experience in concept design, development and efficient management of international and multi-company large-scale projects. Experience with the initiation of integral projects in various German states.
  • Longstanding industry experience in developing and launching new technologies in the fields of hydrogen infrastructure, fuel cell technology and renewable energy.
  • Current knowledge in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology, accompanied by and combined with many years of practical experience in this sector.
  • Profound knowledge of the landscape of hydrogen and fuel cell technology on the state, national, European and international levels with great access to the companies, research facilities and universities active in this field.
  • A very efficient network with contacts in almost all industries involved in this field – mostly on the top level.
  • Reliable connections to the university scene as well as to research facilities in Germany and beyond.
  • Access to state and federal ministries in Germany responsible for this sector.
  • Access to all relevant funding institutions on state, national and EU levels.
  • Numerous academic and editorial publications.
  • We complete your market view by providing profound market knowledge and research
  • We add to your technology assessment by offering real-life technology experience
  • We increase your market opportunities by providing successful product launch experience
  • We help you to get in touch with the right people thanks to our comprehensive network
  • We extent your capacities by offering professional support for your projects
  • We broaden your circle of expert by experienced external specialists
  • We help you decrease your HR costs by drawing on external experts recruited on a contractual basis
  • We increase your speed by providing prompt evaluation and problem solving
  • We assist you with assessing and advancing your ideas
  • We incorporate your plans in larger projects We work economically